Nuit Astrology Services

A note about ethics – a look at someone’s astrological chart is a peek into their soul. This is sacred knowledge.  I will perform readings for you only and for any of your children under the age of 18. Readings involving another person require their express permission.

Readings can be accomplished in person or via Skype.

1-hour basic natal reading.  This is where you begin in astrology, understanding your fundamental nature.  The more precise the birth time, the more accurate the reading.  Includes computer-generated printout of your natal chart. Fee $85.00

1.5-hour natal/transits reading.  We begin with your birth chart and the fundamental influences of that configuration and then we do a basic review of what is currently happening in the sky now and how that impacts your natal chart. Includes computer-generated printout of your natal chart. Fee  $105.00

1.5-hour natal/transits/in-depth reading. Same reading as above but with a computer-generated print out with specific notes on the timing of the coming cycle; typically 18 months.  Fee $115.00

1-hour synastry reading  (your chart combined with another person’s chart to see how you interact/gifts/challenges within your relationship). Can be for a lover, a friend, a business partner, a child, a family member; permission required for any adults.  Fee $70.00

Natal/Transits/Spiritual Counseling session; a review of your natural tendencies, the current astrological cycles and certain techniques to soften the karmas and work with the energies. Session typically runs two hours.  Fee $150.00

Quick question consult. A look at your current transits and a tarot spread for additional guidance. Half-hour session Fee $50.00; one-hour session, Fee $85.00.