PLANETS: Forcefield

Moon: Fluctuation, Emotionality, Response
Mercury: Communications, Mentality, Transport
Venus: Harmony, Love, Beauty
Sun: Power, Vitality, Self-Expression
Mars: Energy, Heat, Activation
Jupiter: Expansion, Optimism, Preservation
Saturn: Limitation, Constriction, Foundation
Uranus: Unexpected, Sudden, Disruptive Change
Neptune: Nebulousness, Impressionability, Inspiration
Pluto: Renewal, Regeneration, Elimination

SIGNS: Filter

Aries: I am (horns of a ram)
Taurus: I have (horns of a bull)
Gemini: I think (the twins)
Cancer: I feel (claws of a crab)
Leo: I will (tail of a lion)
Virgo: I analyze (symbol of a virgin)
Libra: I balance (the scales)
Scorpio: I desire (scorpion stinger)
Sagittarius: I aspire (archer’s arrow)
Capricorn: I use (sea goat)
Aquarius: I know (lines of astral current)
Pisces: I believe (the fish)

HOUSES: Where?

First: Personality; Body; Outlook
Second: Money; Resources; Memory Tract
Third: Siblings; Short Journeys; Communication
Fourth: Mother; Emotional Home; End of Things
Fifth: Love; Creativity; Children
Sixth: Service; Sickness; Servants
Seventh: Partnerships; Open Enemies; Marriage
Eighth: Death; Inheritances; Mystical/Astral
Ninth: Long Journeys; Higher Education; Spirituality
Tenth: Profession/Dharma; Father; Authority Figures
Eleventh: Friends; Aspirations; Groups
Twelfth: Self-Help; Self-Undoing; Hidden Things/Places; Secrets




Cardinal – active; starter; awakening
Fixed – internal; reflective; observing
Mutable – adaptable; fluctuating; shifting


1st – root – Saturn
Aquarius (m)/Capricorn(f)

2nd – creative – Jupiter

3rd – power – Mars

4th – heart – Venus

5th – throat – Mercury

6th – 3rd eye – Sun/Moon

Knowing Your Own Chart

Planets = Energy; Drive
Signs = Filter; How
Houses = Where

Your Sun Sign: _____________________

Your Moon Sign: ____________________

Your ASC/Rising Sign:_________________

Ruler of Your Chart: __________________
(planet that rules the sign of your first house/ASC)

Your Star of Destiny: _________________
(planet that rules your sun sign)

Your Mercury: ______________________


Individual karma, lower half chart
Group karma, upper half chart
External manifestation, right side chart
Internal manifestation, left side chart


Moon: 28 days
Mercury: 88 days
Venus: 224 ½ days
Sun: 365 ½ days
Mars: 1 yr, 322 days
Jupiter: 12 years
Saturn: 29 ½ years
Uranus: 84 years
Neptune: 165 years
Pluto: 248 years


Sun – Sunday
Moon – Monday
Mars – Tuesday
Mercury – Wednesday
Jupiter – Thursday
Venus – Friday
Saturn – Saturday


Thumb – Symbol of God – Divine energy; will power.
Index – Jupiter – Ego personality; subconscious mind; expansion.
Center – Saturn – Heavy, stabilizing forces; most karmic of energies.
Ring – Sun – Strength of the individual
Little – Mercury – Intellect/mind


Conjunction / Power
Square / Disruption
Opposition / Opposing
Trine / Luck
Sextile / Opportunity
Inconjunct / Stress
Semi-Square / Challenges
Sesquiquadrate / Unites With


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